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Brain Training

For a Better Life

State of the Art Brain Optimization

Drug Free & Non-Invasive with No Lasting Side-Effects

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   Promotes Self-Regulation & Resiliency  

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We Specialize in Working with People Focused on Attaining Peak Performance in All Aspects of Their Life as Well as The Treatment of


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Sleep Issues

  • Autism

  • PTSD

All Brain Training is Peak Performance Training

  • Addressing Secondary Symptoms Instead of the Primary Underlying Conditions

  • Assuming that Cognitive and Emotional Obstacles Are Overcome Only Through the Use of Medication

  • Spend Another Day Feeling Powerless to Escape the Thoughts, Feelings and Behaviors That Block You from Becoming The Best Version of Yourself

Don't Make These Common Mistakes....

How We Can Help

More Energy

A brain that doesn't waste energy means improved energy levels

Reduced Anxiety

Training focused on bolstering the parasympathetic nervous system

Improved Attention

Training targets deeper attention for longer stretches

Calmer Interactions

A more regulated brain and better mood overall means better relationships

Better Sleep

A brain that better regulated energy rests more efficiently

Better Mood

A more regulate brain means less frustration and internal strife

How It Works


Book a Free Consultation

Answer all your questions regarding benefits, costs & scheduling.


Schedule an Assessment and Intake

Includes detailed intake interview and QEEG Brain Map from which a tailored training plan will be developed. 


Begin Your Customized Training Program

Work with a your Neurofeedback Trainer in the office and/or remotely with regular progress check-ins.

Remote Anchor

ADHD & Anxiety

"Thank you for giving me my child back... My son now looks forward to his nuero sessions, but more importantly he is back to the child I once knew. He is more relaxed, joyful, confident and enthusiastic about life."

— Jill C., Marketing VP

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